CBD Oil For Sports Recovery and Athletic Performance

If you are a high-performing athlete or aspiring to be one, you are likely pushing your body to the max and reaching for anti-inflammatory drugs post-workout. While most of us have normalized taking pharmaceuticals for different ailments, some athletes are looking for more natural ways to manage pain, reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance recovery. Instead of popping an Aleve or Advil, athletes are looking to pure CBD oil to achieve peak performance.

CBD oil was once prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the federal government, but it is now permitted by both as global knowledge about the benefits of the cannabis plant increases. 

As more studies and research reviews on CBD oil are published, more athletes are choosing to experiment with this natural option for supplementation. In fact, many pro-athletes are proudly sharing their support of CBD oil and the benefits they have seen since they started using it.

Below, we cover why CBD oil for athletes is a growing trend pre- and post-competition. 

Pain Relief  

Training hard, playing full-out, or dealing with a sports-related injury can leave you in mild to severe pain. While it’s easy to take nonprescription drugs, they can impact your liver or give you unpleasant side effects when taken frequently or for a long period of time. Prescription drugs are also risky with the growing epidemic of opioid misuse and addiction.

In a world full of choices, there are more natural options available that do not have addictive properties or negative side effects. CBD oil does appear to relieve pain effectively for many athletes but more research is needed. 

For Dominic Day, a pro rugby player, CBD oil captured his interest after his knee surgery. Attributing CBD oil to reduced pain and better sleep while healing, Dominic started incorporating CBD oil into his daily pain relief and recovery routine.  

If you’re used to popping pills or using muscle creams with a list of chemicals you can’t pronounce, CBD oil may be a healthier alternative. Try 5Day Private Label’s Full-Spectrum Soft Gels, Muscle Roll-On Gel, or CBD Cooling Cream

Stress Management 

Match Day nerves and daily stressors can affect mood, sleep, and energy levels that can impact your performance. Catching your zzz’s is essential for recovery and Fatigue Science calls it “the world’s best performance enhancer”.

For pro golfer and U.S Open winner Lucas Glover, CBD oil is a key part of his success. He says that it helps reduce muscle and joint soreness associated with playing golf, aids his sleep, helps him focus, and is effective at managing his anxiety. 

Since CBD oil supports the endocannabinoid system (which makes you feel happy), you can crawl into bed feeling content. Try 5Day Private Label’s CBD Tea at bedtime! 


Having prolonged focus while training or during a competition is key to reaching your personal best – especially if your sport requires precision. Since dopamine is responsible for memory and mental awareness, you’ll want to keep those levels up. 

CBD oil is directly associated with impacting dopamine, so supplementing your wellness routine with your favorite tincture, gummy, or topical can keep you sharp! Try 5Day Private Label’s CBD Gummies

Muscle Recovery 

When your body is sore, it can be tough to live your best life, stay on track, and reach your fitness goals. Incorporating CBD oil into your supplement routine may aid in recovery and get you back to training sooner.

Research suggests that CBD oil suppresses main contributors to inflammation, swelling, and soreness. It can reduce pain through three mechanisms by stopping pain transmission in the brain and spinal cord, decreasing inflammatory messenger activity, and reducing muscle ache sensitivity.

According to studies, CBD inhibits some inflammatory molecules, therefore shortening recovery time and relieving muscle tension and inflammation in the tissue without nasty side effects that can set you back.

For mixed martial artist Nick Diaz, vaping CBD oil is a key part of reducing his inflammation and speeding up muscle recovery. 

Does CBD Show Up on Drug Tests?

For athletes who undergo regular drug tests in order to compete, the question of whether or not CBD oil use shows up on a drug test is critical. Testing positive for even small amounts of substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code can put you on the bench for years so it’s something you need to be exceptionally cautious about.

There are 120 identified cannabinoids in the cannabis plant including THC (the psychoactive component that gets you high), and only one of them is approved for use while competing.

Do your research on any CBD oil products you are considering and ask to see a Certificate of Analysis if it is not readily provided on the supplier’s website. Not doing your due diligence could have very costly consequences. If you find a product that you can trust and you never take CBD oil that you haven’t purchased yourself, you should be in the clear when testing time rolls around. 


Since the prohibited substances list was updated by WADA, the floodgates have been open for athletes who take CBD oil to speak freely about the benefits. Whether they use it for athletic performance, pain relief, stress management, or muscle recovery, their success is hard to deny. 

If you would like to add CBD oil into your pre-workout or post-workout routine and see how your performance may be improved, you can safely do so. Just do your research, ask questions, and purchase products you can trust 100% – especially if you take drug tests regularly. 

At Salt Leaf Hemp, we are rigorous in our quality control and are transparent about our processes. We respect how important it is for you to know exactly what you’re putting in your body and we don’t mess around with purity. We’ll provide you with access to all our certifications, give you a Certificate of Analysis for every CBD oil batch, and will even invite you to a live virtual tour of our facilities. To find a product you can trust 100%, browse our shop!

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